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What is Valentine’s Day?

Each year on 14 February individuals celebrate this day by sending messages of affection and love to spouses, family members and friends. Couples deliver Valentine’s Day cards and blossoms and spend special time with each other to honour their love for one another.

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How did Valentine’s Day develop?

It was not until over 200 years after that 14 February was proclaimed St Valentine’s Day. By this time Rome was becoming Christian and the Catholic Church was determined to stamp out any residual paganism. A pagan fertility ritual has been held in February every year along with also the Pope abolished this festival and also surfaced 14 February Saint Valentine’s Day, hence launching this feast day about the Catholic Calendar of Saints.

The poet Chaucer at the Middle Ages was the first to associate St Valentine with amorous love. This was the start of the tradition of courtly love, a ritual of expressing admiration and love, usually secretly. This custom spread throughout Europe and tales climbed about a High Court of Love where feminine judges would rule on topics associated with appreciate on 14 February every year. Historians think that these encounters were actually gatherings where folks read love poetry and played matches of flirtation.

Creative & Cute Valentines Day Ideas For Boyfriend

If you have a boyfriend, you want to make sure you show him just how much you care. Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to do just that. It’s all about love and romance, and you can come up with some great ideas if you just put some thought into it. The following are some of our top ideas for Valentines Day gifts for boyfriends.


A Valentine watch is always a nice gift idea for a man. If he’s a busy professional, a nice executive watch could be perfect and he will think of you whenever he checks his watch throughout his busy day. You can find a high quality watch for a fairly reasonable price at many online shops. It’s certainly worth it to make sure you are buying a quality timepiece, so that it doesn’t break quickly.


Guys love gadgets, and they make great Valentines Day gifts for him. From phone chargers for the car to cool one-handed bottle openers, there are tons of neat ideas to pick from. Today it seems like there is a different gadget for every need a guy has, so you’re certainly not limited in terms of your choices here. There are even heated running shoes if your guy loves to stay active and doesn’t want to deal with the cold weather in the fall and winter months.

Fashion Items

For the stylish guy who loves to stay up to date on the latest fashions, your best bet may be to get him some new clothes. Shop at a quality store to get him some nice, modern, brand name clothing, and he’ll be sure to love it. Or, get him a gift card to one of his favourite stores. It still shows that you care and know where he likes to shop, but it gives him the freedom to choose his own gift, instead of leaving it up to you to pick what he wants. This is a great idea for those guys who seem to have everything, so you know he won’t end up getting something as a gift that he already has.

Consider His Interests

It’s important to consider your guy’s interests before deciding on a gift. Every guy is different, even though it may seem like they all like the same things. It is going to make your gift that much more special if he knows you put a lot of thought into it. Think about what he likes to do in his spare time. If he likes certain sports, you could get him something related to that sport. If he’s into tools, try to find out what tools he needs or wants. Whatever his interests, if you spend the effort to find out what he really likes and then get him something related, he will think you are way cool.

Be Sure To Set A Budget

You should definitely set a budget for yourself. This not only helps to narrow down the huge selection, making the process easier on yourself, but also prevents you from overspending. Valentine’s Day can be an important holiday for couples, and you should be willing to devote a reasonable amount of money into it, but that doesn’t mean you have to go crazy and spend a ton of money you don’t have.

These are just a few great ideas for Valentines Day gifts for boyfriend. With some creativity and thought about what makes your boyfriend tick, you should be able to find a fantastic present that he is sure to love. You want your guy to know you care, and getting any present is nice, but getting a present he really loves is going to make him appreciate you so much more.

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Men That Show You Really Care

While men may sometimes pretend otherwise, most men truly appreciate a Valentine’s Day gift that comes from the heart. Here are a few Valentine’s Day ideas for him to get you started.

Show Him That You’ve Been Paying Attention

Men like to know you’ve been paying attention to them. A good way to prove this to your special guy is to give him a gift that he’s mentioned only once and not for a while. For example, if he once said he’d like to try making his own beer, get him a homebrew kit. If he mentioned once he used to love to dig for trilobite fossils when he was a kid, get him a nice trilobite fossil and put it in a nice velvet lined box, perhaps one made of fossil rock.

Give Him a Personalized Geocache Adventure

If your guy likes exploring the great outdoors and enjoys a good mystery, why not hide his gift as a geocache and accompany him as he tracks it down. Geocaching has become a favourite international hobby. It basically works like a treasure hunt. You place “treasure” inside a waterproof box and hide it in a very special place such as next to a beautiful vista, near a waterfall, or by something of historical interest. You determine the GPS coordinates and place a description of the geocache and the coordinates on sites like geocaching.com. For his Valentine’s Day’s gift, you could wait until he finds the hidden gift first, let him log the time and date, and then post the GPS coordinates on geocaching.com. You could name it something like “Dave’s Valentine Cache” and ask people who subsequently find it to leave him personal notes and treasures. You could also make sure the spot you pick is a great spot for romantic kisses, plant a big one on him, and then suggest that couples who find the geocache later to kiss as well. You could even make the trinkets inside love related. You could then revisit the valentine cache on future Valentine’s Days or on other dates with special significance to your relationship. In essence, this would make it a gift that keeps on giving and one you could share with other couples.

Personalized Tech Toy

Most men love electronic gadgets like iPods, tablets, and smartphones. While you may have passed on this idea in the past thinking it seemed too impersonal for Valentine’s Day, there are several ways you can personalize a tech toy. First, you could have it engraved with a special heartfelt message. Just remember to make the message sweet but not so mushy he would be embarrassed to show his guy friends. Second, you could add something before you give him the tech toy. For example, if it’s a iPod, you could pre-load some of his favourite songs and/or you could make a playlist of songs that remind you of him. You could also put a personalized ring-tone on a smartphone or a favourite picture of you and him embracing on his new tablet.

Extra Special Dinner and a Full Body Massage

You’ve likely heard the expression, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!” This expression may be old but it still holds true. An extra special dinner made from scratch including some of his favourite dishes that take time to prepare will, of course, show him how much you care about him. Follow this by setting the perfect atmosphere and treating him to a sensual full body massage. He’ll think he’s gone to heaven with all the special attention and he’ll love you all the more for it.

Valentine’s Gifts for Women – The Best Ideas

Valentine is round the corner and you must be looking for a perfect gift for your someone special. Finding a gift for a women is not at all an easy task. It might demand a lot of time and creativity. However, if you research a bit, you can find some amazing gift options to surprise your girl on this valentine.

If you have already consulted your near and dear ones and yet to find a perfect gift option for her, then read on to explore some more amazing gift options. Here is the list of some valentine’s gifts for her:

Red Roses

Red Roses might seem traditional, but these are actually one of the best ways to tell someone how much you love her. Say, “I Love You” with a bunch of red roses and express your sentiments in a special message hidden inside the bunch. You can add a simple twist to this traditional valentine’s gift for her by adding one message with each rose in the bouquet.

Gemstone Earrings

Nothing can make her feel good than a piece of jewellery. A diamond studded earring can make a perfect valentine’s gift for her. If you cannot afford to give diamond earrings, consider opting for gemstones like Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald and Pearl. Just make sure you are aware of her taste and preferences while buying a particular piece.

Sexy Night Lingerie

Now this is something that will benefit you more than her, but will definitely make her feel special and wanted. In fact, if you have been fantasizing your girl in different avatars lately, then this is the best way to let her know that. Hunt for an elegant and sexy Valentine’s day selection for her to wear to bed.

Ring Symbolizing Promise

Bestow a promise embellished on a ring on this Valentine’s Day. Make sure you are dedicated and determined to keep that promise for the rest of your life. This might count as taking your relationship to next level of commitment

If you have been eagerly hunting for valentine’s gifts for her, then this list should bring your search to end. Whether you are dating, engaged or married, all of the above given gift ideas will make our partner happy and content. The best part is that you need not go out shopping to buy these gifts. You can just relax on your couch and find the best available gift for her online. Select the one that fascinate you and get ready to spend a memorable evening with your partner.

Out Of The Box Valentines Day Gifts For Husband

Looking for the perfect Valentines Day gifts for husbands can be a bit complicated, especially if you are running out of ideas. If you want to give something extra special to your loved one on Valentine’s Day then you need to think outside of the box. Fortunately, unique gift ideas are plentiful. Below are some of our favorites.

Something Different

Instead of buying another necktie or handkerchief, you can get something completely different that he will think is really cool. For instance, get him soapstone cubes that will keep his drinks cold even without ice. Soapstone cubes keep drinks cold for longer periods of time than ice without diluting them. Best of all, you would not have to worry about your crystal or glassware again because these soapstone cubes do not scratch glass.

Something Sentimental

If you are feeling sentimental and you want to give something memorable, you can give him a bronze custom map key ring. This gift idea is perfect not only for Valentine’s Day but for any occasion that you want to celebrate with your husband. Choose a location that is special for you both, for example your honeymoon or wedding destination.

Something Enjoyable

If your husband enjoys drinking wine, you can get a one of a kind cork for your hubby. The Corkcicle is a BPA-free cork with a long plastic tube filled with reusable freeze gel that is perfect for wines and spirits. After freezing the Corkcicle for 2 hours, simply insert it into any bottle of wine so it stays cold without diluting the liquor and losing its flavor.

Something Useful

There is nothing wrong with getting your husband something useful for Valentine’s Day. If he travels frequently, a good dopp kit, travel bag, or computer bag may be the perfect gift. It might not sound very romantic, but what better gift than something that he will use often and be reminded of you when he is away from you?

These are just a few ideas, but there are literally hundreds and thousands of options for Valentines gifts for husbands. With a little imagination and thought, you can find fantastic Valentines gifts for him. Remember, you know your husband the best, so don’t necessarily go with the “in” thing this year. Many times, the “in” things are geared more towards Valentines Day gifts for boyfriends anyway. Just go with your heart and what you feel he will like and you will likely do great.